Book Review: 'The Xanthippe Factor: How Can Couples Overcome Today's Challenges' by Sara Breslerman

Israeli author Dr. Sara Breslerman (Ph.D., University of Haifa) is a family and couples therapist and researcher and has won recognition for her extensive research on the problematic relationships between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law.

In The Xanthippe Factor Dr. Breslerman examines a common phenomenon whereby women change after marriage and especially after the birth of children. In her own unique, personal voice, she gives readers the opportunity to observe themselves in the more challenging stages of marriage and to find ways to navigate through the pitfalls of matrimony. 
Dr. Breslerman won recognition for her extensive research on the problematic relationships between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. 
What Sara shares in this illuminating book is a warm counseling session about the changes that occur in long term relationships. She offers her thoughts by sharing her own life experiences and then examines what happens to love in the various stages of the relationship, why so many men and women are unhappy with their marriages, and what can be done to make long lasting and loving relations that fit the world in which we live. She confronts us with basic questions about the relationships between men and women in marriage: i.e., role division, parenting, sex, and disagreements - and provides insights, solutions, and tools about how couples can overcome marriage pitfalls and improve their relationships.

A manual for everyone who wants a solid lasting relationship. Highly recommended!!!

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good reads

Christine: 5 stars! it was amazing
Xanthippe Factor takes us through a journey through patterns in relationships. This book is for all couples, from the beginnings, to the middle, to the elder age. 
Each person in a relationship reading this book will see yourself, in one way or another. 
It is emotional and it invites changes to relationships no matter what stage.


More reviews:

"The Xanthippe Factor is a fascinating, moving, and important book for all who are in a relationship: it confronts us with the essential questions of marriage – the ones that we often try to escape through the usual, sometimes silly jokes about domineering women and the helpless men who are married to them."

Dr. Eli Katz, senior clinical psychologist, author of "Fatherly Intelligence".

"The Xanthippe Factor is a well written book and it is clear that the author is good at what she does ... If you are in a relationship, before or after marriage, on the way to establishing a family or after its establishment - this book is more than recommended for you. Fun and enriching!!! "

"In the book you will find a lot of insight into a couple dialogue, a lot of treatment stories to illustrate Dr. Breslerman's claims, and as mentioned - a sharp social critique and a call for an immediate change in the gender perception of our society.
The Xanthippe Factor is highly recommended! It is readable and interesting, demonstrating social power in relationships, affecting us as individuals, couples and families. "

"The book "The Xanthippe Factor"  is recommended for both men and women. Fun, enlightening and thought provoking."

"A sweeping reference book ... The book contributed a great deal to deep thoughts about life and marriage ..."

"The author of The Xanthippe Factor, Dr. Sara Breslerman, manages to cleverly point on the most important issues of marriage, with great precision, without hesitating or stuttering, but with compassion and a good sense of  humor."

 Xanthippe Factor  

 Dr. Sara Breslerman

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